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Welcome to the "Dom Polski" Lowell MA Homepage!

At the start of the 1890's Polonians migrated to the United States.  Many headed to Lowell Massachusetts and settled in the Centralville neighborhood, along the banks of the Merrimack River. Most went to work in the local textile mills or opened small businesses like grocery and bakery stores.

Stanislaw (Stanislaus) Wozniak saw the need for Polish immigrants to unite, and to perserve the Polish language, customs and traditions. In 1909, a committee was elected to draft a constitution for an organization. This organization became known as the Polish National Home Association, with the adoption of the Constitution and Charter, on February 23, 1910. Stanislaw Wozniak was our very first president.

After meeting in private for years, land at the corner of Lakeview Ave and Coburn Street was finally obtained and doors the the new Polish National Home Association was opened in 1914. We have remained on the site every since!

For decades, the May observation of Polish Constitution Day and Flag raising ceremony at Lowell City Hall has been and continues to be organized by the Polish National Home Association. On this day we also award scholarships to well deserved applicants of Polish descent.

For many years, the Polish National Home Association, the "Dom Polski", has been the heart of Polonia's social life.  Banquets and Bridal showers, weddings and Polka bands have been held in our upstairs banquet hall.  The downstairs lounge continues to be a spot for members to relax and socialize.

As some members of Polonia moved beyond the Lowell line, the name of the organization was changed to the Greater Lowell Polish National Home Association. In 1993, the then president Julian Stopyra, cut the ribbon of the long awaited and needed building addition, complete with a full kitchen. All is well in our world of Polonian social life.!

                              2012  Board of Directors

President- Dennis O'Neil                 Director-Ruthann O'Neil

Vice President- Chris O'Neill             Director-Andrew Stopyra

Treasurer- Stanley Wozniak             Director-Melissa Olenick

Secretary/Clerk- Mary Kalenoski       Director-Richard Kinnal

Director- Michael Gacek                  Director-Eugene Musial

Director-Mary Tournas                     Director-Karen Stopyra

Director-Paula Olenick                    

                                 CONTACT INFORMATION

Mail us at ...      Dom Polski  10 Coburn Street   Lowell, Massachusetts 01850

Call us at...        978-452-8262

e-mail us at...     Dompolski@Dompolski.comcastbiz.net